Enabling Technologies for Attractive Paediatric Oral Dosage Forms

Formulating oral dosage forms for paediatrics is very challenging due to the specificities of this patient population. Formulators face challenges like ensuring active stability, improving palatability and easing swallowing with specific dosage forms. These issues can be solved with appropriate formulation of attractive dosage forms. Cécile Dusautois of Roquette gives some indications in this article.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Outsourcing – a Perspective from an Integrated Drug Development Solutions Provider

The contract research and manufacturing sector is changing to meet the new demands and opportunities that the marketplace presents. Quality, customer care and delivery are baseline expectations, and new demonstration of additional delivered value at the right price is taking centre stage. In this article, Dr Austin McMordie of Almac presents the argument for effective integration as a new way to deliver outsourced services.

Blister machine technology in use for better compliance

Oliver Naucke of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH explains the concept of – “7×4 Box – My week´s medicine”. To ensure consistent compliance, especially in the case of chronically ill and older people, 7×4 Pharma GmbH commenced a pilot project with the compulsory health insurance AOK Berlin in 2009 to supply patients with individually-packed blisters with their weekly medication.